Children and youth at risk of vulnerability, being immersed in the different social scourges to which they are exposed to daily, are directly and indirectly benefited through our project !GIVE ME AN OPPORTUNITY! which allows to link children and young people of both genders to improve their social environment.


The components with which their needs are prevented or mitigated are listed below.


Participating in local, national and international tournaments allows us to understand that the participation of boys, girls, and young adolescents is a process of inclusion which allows changing their realities, attitudes and thoughts.

It doesn’t only the vision of the outside world of those who participate directly, but also of those who share their experiences with them, thus creating a mutual and positive synergy.

LET'S GO TO THE CUP, it's not just playing, it's being a LEADER ... an AMBASSADOR, a CULTURAL ATTACHÉ of our regions and our country.
The sense of playing as a team broadens they're panorama and their perspective for the construction of their new life project.

COP Base category


In alliance with the Banco de Alimentos (Food Bank) who through a very low solidarity contribution provide us with excellent quality products, every week we deliver free snacks to all our children and youth which can be sporadically and varied, yogurt, milk, cereal, fruit, protein, bread, etc.

We are aware that the vast majority of our beneficiaries come to the scheduled recreational sports activities without eating any food, and it is for this reason that, as prevention actors, we seek that our children and young people recover from physical effort with the food that we offer them, thus being our contribution to their healthy diet and nutrition.

COP Kids , taking snack.


Giving wings to the dreams of children and young adolescents (CYA) not only empowers them, but also gives them real options.

The majority of young adolescents who are about to finish high school and who are part of our organization do not have enough financial resources to pay for their higher education studies. Therefore, through this program, we seek alliances with institutions and / or private companies, to offer them, totally or partially, the opportunity to subsidize the payment of their tuition, their semesters, their maintenance and / or their study materials.

At the time with the UNICA university, is considerable group of young people are benefiting from university scholarships.
This program is carried out thanks to the sporadic support of some companies and / or voluntary contributions from individuals, who consciously consider that investing in education is investing in the development of Colombia.


With the aim of helping to reduce the high cost of the basic basket of goods of our children’s parents and young beneficiaries, we manage to get that every week (on Wednesdays after 4:00 pm), their parents get basic products, in exchange for a low significant solidarity contribution, which helps us keep the social spirit of our organization alive.

Our alliance with the Banco de Alimentos (Food Bank) makes it possible to reduce the high cost of the basket of goods, of our children’s parents and young beneficiaries, who in exchange for a low and fair solidarity contribution, have access to very cheap basic products.

Economic purchase of your family's food basket.